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A Chimney Cap delivered to Minneapolis…

Reviews: Minneapolis Chimney Cap

We contacted Ray Hines at Waterways Sheet Metal Fabrication after seeing one of his beautiful copper chimney shrouds through an internet search.

We selected Waterways after reviewing proposals from several other fabricators.

We are 100% convinced we made the right decision.

From the very beginning Ray was professional and responsive to all our inquiries.

He was highly knowledgeable and his skills as a copper craftsman were quickly self-evident.

We were able to confirm all the critical information between Ray and our contractor, which resulted in a beautiful final design.

Waterways completed the fabrication before the promised date and sent us progress pictures
from his shop, which we really appreciated.

The shroud was delivered on-time and arrived in a sturdy wood crate that he custom built; not a scratch to be found.

It fit perfectly onto our chimney and we couldn’t be more pleased. It is now the crowing jewel atop our project.

I would absolutely recommend Ray and Waterways.

Thank you Ray!

Paul M.