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Copper Chimney pots

Chimney pots are simply decorative enclosures which can be installed on the top of finished chimneys.   Chimney pots have been popular on European homes for centuries.

Please note that chimney pot designs are open-topped, and thus have traditionally never provided any protection from the weather.   So Waterways Sheet Metal can also provide rain caps, if desired.   Rain caps help prevent moisture from washing a creosote smell into the house during a rain storm.

While traditional chimney pots were often made of clay, which would crack and decompose over time, our copper versions are designed to last for the life of the structure.   Where used on an open-topped chimney, a full flashing is recommended to protect the home from moisture penetration.  We often build these flashings for a custom-fit, to go along with orders for chimney pots and chimney caps.

Size measurements may vary slightly, as each unit is hand-crafted using time-tested old-world methods.

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